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Eat Pink Himalayan Salt Every Day and See What Happens to your Body Over the past few years Himalayan salt is getting more and more popular, because the word is spread- it has enormous health benefits on the human body. However, why to use Himalayan salt, instead of the regular table salt? Well, it seems that Himalayan salt is getting all the attention nowadays for a reason. Many times we read articles or news about how salt can be harmful for our organism and this is true. However, if we take into consideration the content of table salt and the process it undergoes, then it becomes crystal clear why it should be avoided. The history and origin of Himalayan Unlike table salt, Himalayan salt originates from the Himalayan mountain range, the places which were once covered with lava and underneath were the crystalized salt beds. It no wonder why Himalayan salt is much better than table salt, especially since it’s untouched from all the pollution, toxins and environmental influences. This is why this salt is known as the “white gold” or the purest salt ever found on the face of the Earth. So, 200 million years ago, when the salt beds were created, up until now, when people are desperately trying to find this miraculous salt, it seems that Himalayan salt justifies its way to the most wanted and needed ingredient in our modern society. Himalayan Salt contain 84 Trace Minerals! Another amazing and impressive fact about Himalayan salt, is that it contains 84 minerals and elements,

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