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Life is purely a series of experiences that somehow in the end allows each individual to tell a different story to one and another. Throughout our lives, we count on every new experience to lead us on to another; it might be similar or entirely different. Thus, today we will tour through living well, loving much and laughing often. Truly if you are loving much and laughing often you are living well. Simply, I will share the life’s little secret; Live Love & Laugh. Basically in my speech I shall share some informative points which are about Live, Love and Laugh. Please kindly lend me your ears; these might be able to help you in facing throughout your life.
Before moving on too far deep into the life’s little secret, I shall talk about the up most point in my speech which is Live. What does living well means? It might seem as an illusion of someone who wanted a perfect life but it is of course completely subjective. The meaning of living well is varies from person to person. I mean, we all want love, joy, abundance and good health. To be honest, I want abundance in all aspect of my life. I want abundant love, joy, health and many more. Well basically living well means, seizing every moment of possibility. It means that you have to live in the present, the now, appreciating every second and refusing to allow yourself to lament over neither the past nor future. By noticing all the most glorious and divine elements of the world, you could stand on in every way and appreciate all

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