Steve Jobs Persuasive Essay

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When speaking to other human beings from time to time and wanting to move them to act or think in a certain way which is to persuade, you will have to manage wisely the magic of pathos, something that further on I will demonstrate within two great commencement speeches. Simply, if you want to persuade, you have to connect. For a greater impact you will have to engage more with your listeners. No matter if the audience is hundreds or thousands; the greatness of pathos always work. For example: smokers do not quit when they read statistics about lung cancer; mostly they quit when a close person invites them to. Indeed, arguments and emotional stories, anecdotes, analogies and metaphors, all told with passion can be used in order to create a masterpiece …show more content…

This marked him, as it was months without knowing what to do, but after a long time, he decided to create Pixar, and fell in love with his wife. Time passed by and Apple took him again, and Steve returned to the company, with new ideas and new technologies driving the company to success. In this story, Steve Jobs sends emotional messages to us to have faith, not to lose, and never stop looking for what we really like because things get better as the years pass, and we can find what we really like, and what we are really satisfied working. It appeals to pathos; anyone can notice Steve Jobs transferring optimism, and strength to go ahead. Personally, Steve Jobs here has given me the desire to undertake, move on, and never give up. Undoubtedly he has conveyed negative to positive energy and it makes him connect with the audience and also adds comfort to his speech. Another factor I would emphasize is how he used his humor. Phrases like "this is the closest I 've been to graduate," "Windows copied the Mac as..." or "How can you get fired from a company you created?” Besides being inspired by positivism, Steve managed to be humorous throughout the story, decent technique to

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