Speed Limits Persuasive Speech

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Jassem al wazzan S00031319 Prof. Arby T.Siraki ENGL101 October 30th, 2014 Speed Limits: should they be lowered or raised? We have reached a world were speed is needed a requirement. We need speed in internet, studying, medicine and even production. Speed is the requirement for success. So why not speed in cars too? In my opinion, Speed limits should be definitely raised. Accidents do not happen just because of speeding in fact they happen because of people that are reckless, irresponsible and immature. They are thoughtless in controlling their speed. Raising the speed limits would benefit the society in many different perspectives. For example is we went into business and industrial production. On highways and long freeways, large factory transportation vehicles, trucks and lorries are forced by law to drive on a specific speed limit that does not exceed 50mph. If we raised this speed limit for trucks and lorries to approximately 60 or even 65mph wouldn’t our economy produce …show more content…

This means that our governments should invest in redesigning our road, highways and freeways to cope with high speed limits. High speed limits do not mean that our road has become unsafe, but their design is not appropriate for certain new speed limits. Our roads have been the same for many years and have not been updated for decades. In addition to that, the reckless driving, lack of driving and road maturity is causing hundreds of causalities yearly. The drivers on the road lack respect, gratefulness and gratitude to other drivers and that’s why accidents are occurring. Speed limits have nothing to do with death and fatality rates. If people stick to drive on a certain speed limit, concentrate on their driving and drop their phones from their hands, this would benefit the society and benefit us as drivers from experiencing accidents and

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