Sports In The 1920s Essay

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After the end of World War 1, many companies had gained wealth from having a mass increase in the work that had to be done in their company. Also from the amount of debt they were owed from other countries. This help to create a great improvement in wealth. As well as many companies started investing their money into the stock market. Where they helped provide money for smaller companies or business, but they could also collect money off of it too. They also invested in the stock market, due to new inventions that were coming about. Such as the radio, freezer television, and other things. With the radio being invented as well as the television which created new jobs for actors, and musicians. It also led to a great era. The 1920’s became a …show more content…

In having either a radio or television people were able to listen, or watch sports. Bringing a new excitement to them, and some of the athletes. Many athletes were responsible for making the popularity in sports, do to being really successful, or changing the way the sport operate. Babe Ruth is one example of this. Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. Playing for the Red Sox, Babe Ruth set many records, and became famous for his home run hits. Many people lined up to watch him play, and many others tuned into the radio just to hear him play. While some even turned on their television to watch him play. In that same general way, Jack Dempsey did the same thing. Except he made his popularity in boxing. Where he used his championship reign, and aggressive fighting style, along with his famous punching power, to draw people into to boxing. By using he’s fighting his style many people wanted to watch his fight, or tune into the radio to hear about his match or matches. In the end Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey were only two men out many who brought popularity to sports. Making sports a big part of the

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