Why Do People Use Statistics?

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Statistics are used to determine team rankings and player ratings, to modify the rules of competing in sports. I’m doing statistics and probability of sports. There is a lot of math in sports and most people don’t know it. It will be fun researching the possibility and statistics about all this different sport and how the coaches and general managers. Learning statics behind sports might also help my athletic ability as well. Statistics are used in a variety of sports, although how they are used in each way is very different for each sport. For example, in college football not all teams play each other. There are hundreds of teams but each team may only play ten games and team A may beat team B who beats team C who beat team A. Thanks to mathematics there are ways to deal with these challenges and arrive …show more content…

This will show the team if they are on track for a positive record and to see what they can improve all you have to do is follow the formula and you get a win loss of .671. This is the thing I’m talking about on if they will fix or change everything and next year the possibilities can guess their teams wins and losses for next year.
Player Value
Athletes aren’t only going for win and that’s what the guys behind the computers do. Like other people value from these athletes. This can make their stats more important then they think but also improve their own game. For better results it will help them and their team a good example is brady and bellicheck . The Patriots had a superior opportunity to win by putting it all on the line on fourth and 2 from their own 28 than they would have on the off chance that they'd punted:
With 2:00 remaining and the Colts with just a single timeout, a fruitful change wins the diversion for every single handy reason. A fourth and-2 transformation would be fruitful 60%

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