Spread Of Islam

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Factors that Contributed to the Rapid Spread of Islam
Islam was created in Saudi Arabia around the year 622 by the prophet Muhammad. The religion spread very rapidly. Many territories in the Middle East were under Muslim control by the year 750 — around 128 years after the religion 's creation. Islam is one of the major religions in the world today. It spread very rapidly, mainly due to 3 reasons. Islam spread so quickly due to trade, as Mecca was a trade hub in the Middle East, conquest, the Muslims took land under their control and taught Islam, and how the fairness of Islam rules appealed to many.
One of the reasons for the quick spread of Islam was that Mecca was a major trade hub of the Middle East. During the time of Muhammad, “Mecca was …show more content…

The Qur’an states that “God will bestow forgiveness and rich recompense” (Document B) to “those who submit to God and accept the true Faith” (Document B). It also says that “the believers who do good works … shall enter Paradise.” (Document B). The laws of Islam say that if someone submits to god and does good works, god will give them forgiveness and paradise. The Qur’an also says “do not devour one another’s property by unjust means” (Document B). Raids were always an important part of Middle Eastern culture, and Islam said that stealing unjustly was unacceptable. Islam also was prominent in the government. The Ordinances of Government states that the government is to “execute judgements between litigants … so that justice may prevail” (Document E). The government was expected to resolve lawsuits with justice. When the Muslims reached Syria the Syrians said to them “we like your rule and justice far better than the state of oppression and tyranny in which we were” (Document F). The Syrains liked the Muslim way of rule more than the tyranny of the Byzantines. The Muslim’s laws and rules often enticed people with their fairness, which made them want to convert to Islam.
Three of the major ways that the religion of Islam spread so fast were trade, conquest, and fairness of rules. This is important today, because Islam is one of the most prominent religions in the world

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