St. Jude Cancer Research Essay

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When I see somebody with cancer, I get really mad, I say to myself, ”Why must this disease be real. Why did God create something so horrible that it can affect anybody.” If it was I who had ten million dollars, I would donate it to St.Jude's Cancer Research Facilities because it is a deadly disease, it is a real-nonprofit research organization, and it covers all expenses for families.

Cancer is among the top ten leading causes of death in the world. This disease takes nearly eight million lives every year. That is seven percent of the world’s population gone every year. Only about four million are born each year, which means we are losing about four million from our population just from cancer. There have been traces of this horrendous disease since 3,000 B.C.. That means that cancer has had no cure for 5,010 years. Science has really helped come close to a cure, but is not quite developed. The number two killer in the world is cancer. There are many non-profit research organizations in the entire world. …show more content…

Jude’s is one of the best, non-profit cancer research organization in the world. Being a non-profit research organization is an amazing thing to do. When any money is donated to St.Jude's, all of it go’s to the research. Never used on anything but research. 75% of daily treatment is from people donating to St.Jude’s. That is $1,500,000. St.Jude’s even treats around the world. There is only one St.Jude’s with a maximum capacity of 7,800 which is full right now. Being able to treat many from other countries is very limited but they try their very best. Without all the generous donations received, St.Jude’s would be very

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