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St. Thomas offers a plenty of attractions and activity choices to all visitors. Whether you are here for enjoying some leisurely activities or to indulge in a serene beach setting, St. Thomas has enough activity choices available for you. The island has countless recreational activity option both on land and in water. Here is a list of top 11 attractions and activities that every visitor should consider doing in St. Thomas.
Magens Bay:
What makes the Magens Bay so popular is its picturesque sandy shoreline. Within its scenic setting, visitors will find hilly terrains, awe-inspiring trails, pristine beaches and lots of fun spots to enjoy some water activities. Sunbathing, picnicking, beach combing and lounging are some of the activities for …show more content…

Thomas. Fresh local fish dishes, authentic Caribbean Kallaloo and traditional confectionary are the highlights of the local cuisine. Plus, the restaurants in the touristy localities offer a diverse menu and a convivial venue for guests to enjoy their food.
Mountain Top:
This impressive attraction is not just for hikers. Visitors of all ages are welcome to soak in the beauty of the spectacular Caribbean Sea at the vantage point located at the height of 1,500 feet above the sea level.
Coral World Ocean Park:
A visit to this Ocean Park and the Undersea Observatory is a must for adults and children alike. Guests can witness tons of marine life in their natural habitat and enjoy the views of beautiful coral reef in the observatory. Special activities like Shark and Turtle encounters, Sea Lion viewing and Sea Trek Helmet drive are fun activity choices for adventure seekers.
Duty Free Shopping:
St. Thomas is a paradise for shoppers of all categories. Here, you will find many duty-free bargains, luxury brand outlets, and fashion boutiques. The best part is the duty-free allowance allows each person to take $1,600 worth purchases.

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Thomas offers activity choices like bird watching, nature trail, picnicking near the waterfalls, fish ponds and a tropical bird aviary. Onsite floral garden features 20 species of orchids and a variety of native flora and fruiting trees.
Virgin Islands Eco-tours:
Take an eco-tour and explore the nurse sharks, mangrove estuaries, and tropical fish, snowy egrets, barracudas and other natural wonders during the tour to the St Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Reserve.
St. John Ferry
Enjoy a day trip to St. John by taking a quick ferry ride from St. Thomas. This beautiful island offers a romantic and tranquil setting unlike the bustling life in St. Thomas.
Extreme Zip-lining:
Start off your Caribbean journey with some adrenaline pumping activities like zip-lining at St. Thomas. Take the ride from a peak on the top of St. Peter Mountain and explore the Yo-Yo zip. These exhilarating zip-line adventure are certainly not for the faint hearted. Don’t forget to walk on the skywalks that offer breathtaking views and an once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Mahogany Run Golf

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