Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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The students march onto the stage one by one with faces filled with pure pride, joy, and elation. They search the crowd for their parents in order to share this milestone of a moment with the people who helped them achieve this level of education. The students raise their arms towards the sky with their diploma in one hand, and their mind set on the now, rather than their future. This day of true jubilation for both the students, and their families would be impossible without the educational system of the United States. However, as the gap between the rich, and the poor continues to inflate, rather than shrinking, the ability to make this opportunity available to all students has become more difficult. In response to the growing difficulty …show more content…

In fact, the increasing use of standardized testing will do more damage than good, because of its failure to capture the entirety of a student’s body of work. Furthermore, the overwhelming stress that the United States government, and school systems have placed on the usage of standardized tests has become detrimental to American education, and is not the most effective way to gauge the intelligence of American students.
The American educational system should be fixated on providing each child enough attention and information so they can succeed in that class and in the future. However, the increasing focus on having to pass a standardized test has blinded schools of the real goal, because they are required to get their students to pass the standardized tests. The requirements for these tests set by then United States government are in fact counterproductive. This counter productivity is shown by real life student, Kiana Hernandez, stating “These tests were cutting out class time” and “We would stop whatever we were learning to prepare” in “Sorry, I’m Not Taking This Test” by Rizga Krishna and Kiana Hernandez (Krishna and Hernandez 1). This quote comes from a real student and

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