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The United States Supreme Court case Stanford vs. Kentucky was a national debate that permitted the hypocrisy of the death penalty, which at the time stated that all offenders who were of the age sixteen years or older at the time of their crime would receive the punishment of execution. The case took place on the day of March 27, 1989, and was officially decided on June 26, 1989. The argument began when Kevin Stanford, who was seventeen years old at the time, shot and killed twenty year old Barbel Poore on January 7, 1981. Stanford’s was trialed as an adult and was convicted of murder, first-degree robbery, and first-degree sodomy, and as a result received 45 years in prison as a punishment. Stanford declared that “he has the constitutional …show more content…

If the court were to give him treatment and rehabilitation, Stanford would have spent countless years in prison and rehabilitation centers. The rehabilitation process would have taken many more years than Stanford’s initial sentence, which was a total of forty five years and the death penalty, and would have included thousands of therapy like sessions to somehow prove that a person as insane as him was able to go back into the world as a normal United States citizen. The court had been very reluctant to give stanford's overage sentence at his prime age, at the time of the crime, of seventeen years old due to the fear of his punishment being cruel and …show more content…

Stevens waited in the bathroom until Nancy Allen was vulnerable and grabbed her. Wilkins stabbed her one time in the back, aiming for the kidneys because “he thought it would be a fatal wound. Instead of dying instantly, she rolled face forward onto the floor and was still breathing. Stevens did not know what to do to get the money out of the cash register, so Nancy told him the steps to take which only caused Wilkins to stab her three times in the chest, two in the heart. Nancy was still speaking and begging for her life, so Wilkins stabbed her four times in the neck, opening up the carotid

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