Review Of Stanley Milgram's Study Of Obedience

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In 1963, Stanley Milgram preformed a study to test the obedience. To understand why the study took place first we must understand what was going on around the world. The world came out of WWII and were trying to make sense of the atrocities that took place under the Nazi regime. Adolf Eichmann, a member of the nazi party, was on trail and when asked what his defense was he stated that He was “just following orders” (Madey). The world was not whiling to accept that as an answer but it caused some people to think what the average person would do if put in Eichmann’s situation. To replicate the situation and find out how people obey authority figures Stanley mil gram set up this study. In a newspaper add Milgram acquired participants …show more content…

Hierarchy of responsibility is all about clearing you conscious of the wrong doing. Many times the teacher asked who's responsibly for the student and the doctor would respond that he is. This makes the people believe that they are distant from the consequences of the student. They won’t be held responsible thus allowing them to continue without the feeling that it is their cult. Social contract is about someones word. You said that you were going to do the study and now your going against your word. Ineffective disobedience says that there isn’t an easy way to leave the study. every time the teacher said he wanted to be done or questioned continuing the doctor made a remark about how you must continue. Giving them an easy way to leave the experiment causes them to be less likely to obey. In an experiment they gave the teachers a red button to hit when they no longer wanted to continue. When nothing makes sense is seeking clarification. the teacher asks for information and when the information is given the feel more comfortable about what they are doing. The final one is foot-in-the-door. Here you start with something small, in the case of the obedience study 15 volts, and then work your way up to the big thing, which is 450 volts (Madey). All these methods tell use why people obey and why the numbers

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