Starbird Murphy Character Analysis

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Starbird Murphy & The World Outside
What would your life be like if you had never touched money? Or never had a phone conversation? How about if you never attended a public school? This is the life of fifteen-year-old Starbird Murphy. Growing up on a farm full of hippies that believe in the Cosmos and have a strong belief that money is corruption really differs from us. All of this and then imagine being being dumped in Seattle with a job you necessarily never wanted as a waitress at a café, where everything you were ever taught or believed in was the complete opposite? Starbird is in the Outside world now, and everything from attending an actual school to saving the family business, will change her life forever.
Moving to Seattle in general
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The whole family was told the same story. When in Seattle Starbird runs into Douglass while walking home one night. He tells Starbird the truth about his disappearance. He in fact didn’t actually run away. He was kidnapped and taken to Oregon by one of the Free Family leaders. He was told to never return or Starbird and their mother Fern would be killed. Ever since his disappearance Starbird had a sense of anger at her brother. She had always thought that he had just left her and didn’t care. If she had never moved to Seattle Starbird would have lived the rest of her life wondering about her…show more content…
She always wanted to do something that the family would remember her for. The opportunity to this came when she found out about hope deep into dept the café was. Every year on the farm the family does an apple pressing. This gave Starbird an idea about how to save the café. She would bring the yearly apple pressing to Seattle. Where they can sell their organic cider and put the funds towards the cafes dept. Sure enough the plan worked. They made enough money to pay off all the dept of the café. Everybody in the family gave great thanks to Starbird. Moments later the café received a call from their leader EARTH. He was coming back. The family believed that he was waiting for the family to b successful to come back. Starbird had completed her goal of being honored by the family. She saved the café due to her determination. Her life is forever changed.
After living a life in Seattle Starbird began to realize that the city was full of opportunities. Moving to Seattle seemed to be a very good thing for Starbird. She learned new things and even realized that that not everybody on the Outside is terrible. From attending public schools, or handling money, or even saving the family business. Moving to Seattle was a life changing
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