Starbucks Coffee Culture

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Running head: Starbucks Coffee Company: More Than a Cup of Coffee2There are two major dynamics in the twenty-first century that presented global change inour global societies: Bottled water and Starbucks. There was simply no reason to consider thatanyone would pay for water, and to the majority of society a cup of coffee was just that, a cup ofcoffee. The greatest new things were instant coffee and the Mr. Coffee coffee-maker, and coffeecenters were the office breakroom, college gathering places and, the kitchen table. There wasnot even a job description for a “Barista.” However, in 1971, a small coffee and tea retail store,located Seattle’s landmark Pikes Place Fish Market, was destined to become a global retailer ofnot only coffee and tea, no longer would a cup of coffee be viewed as just a drink (Joyner, 2006).Starbucks has created a social culture that is as palatable as their beverages. Theirmission statement and adherence to their core values serve as the foundation for theirmicroeconomic positioning as an economic leader in the global coffee industry. The purpose ofthis paper examines how through its commitment to preservation and development of social andenvironmental needs, has influenced the coffee markets around the world. In addition, bypresenting an in-depth analysis of how Starbucks has managed to meet the supply and demandconditions, maintain fiscal, market growth, and sustainability. The company maintains anaggressive vision for future growth as a leader in the coffee industries global market.A detailed analysis of how Starbucks address the cost of production, maintains agenerous market share, consistently identifies and addresses barriers to entry, and their impact onthe market structure of the coffee …show more content…

Starbucks continues to focus on the customer, creating anenvironment where individuals of all cultures and ages find comfortable and

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