Starbucks Globalization Case Study

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It is true that the United States is the world largest economy based on GDP. It is famous for numerous huge brands in the World. For instance, in the field of technology and social networking, American Brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. always take the lead in this market. In terms of food, we can not deny the succeed of McDonald or Duckin’ Donuts. And in the coffee markets, there is a firm which changed the way Americans and people around the world view and consume coffee - Starbucks. It is no exaggeration to say that Starbucks has brought American coffee’s ubiquity and defined the American coffee value. In this case, I will analyse Starbucks’ globalization and how it adapt to other areas as a model of American coffee…show more content…
According to Business Week, in August 2002, the company ran 1,200 international outlets, from Bejing to Bristol, 400 of 1,200 new stores would be built overseas and expected to double the number of its stores worldwide to 10,000 in three years. The plan had been done from the early expansion in 1995. At this time, the firm built a subsidiary which is assumed for Starbucks business development outside North America and operated by Peter Maslen with about 180 multi-nation and multi-lingual managers located in Seattle and three regional offices around the world. Actually, the first international expansion in Tokyo, Japan (1996) then other succeed in different countries such as the Philippines, the U.K, Malaysia formed Starbucks’ goal. Schultz want to lead the company to a ubiquitous image as a powerful brand in the world. He embrace the desire that was boosting the Starbucks’ growth potential for company overseas faster as well as maintaining the leadership…show more content…
Besides, globalization can not be successful without adaptation because they go hand in hand and relate to each other. Basically, numerous American companies use globalization as a goal to achieve such as Apple, McDonalds and so forth. Starbucks’ Globalization and Adaptation is an example on how a successful American business, a global brand achieved this goal. As can be seen in this case, Starbucks brings its taste, its style, its impact to overseas but still always ready for adapting others’ taste, heritage and culture. They have no hesitation in changing for different values to success in expansion. Finally, Starbucks is an American ideal coffee brand model for Vietnamese entrepreneurs who want to invest abroad as well as for others around the world. By looking at the success of Starbucks Corporation, we can see easily the superiority in the economic strategies of a successful company in the United
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