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Get Out All while ambitiously addressing the all too real racial issues and stereotypes of today’s society, Jordan Peele manages to leave his viewers incredibly disturbed with a feeling that does not fade quickly after watching. Although, this eerie tone is met with blunt racial tension and comedic relief, which is what really sets this film apart from other cut and dry horror films on the market. The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya, who plays the generic (but rational) protagonist named Chris Washington, a black man who finds himself infatuated with the very complex Rose Armitage (portrayed by Allison Williams). At first they appear to be a very average couple. Rose takes Chris along with her to a weekend getaway so he can meet her parents. Along the drive, Chris expresses his concern with how Rose’s white family will respond to him being black, but Rose assures him that their will be no problems, and that her dad would’ve voted for …show more content…

There is a very ominous scene in the film where Chris becomes hypnotized and appears to be falling down a black hole, with only a tiny television screen to see what is actually happening around him. According to Peele,this state is known as the “sunken place”. Peele allaborates to say that “the sunken place is this metaphor for the system that is suppressing the freedom of black people, of many outsiders, many minorities”(Sharf). The sunken place replicates the feeling you have while falling, with no way to escape it. Peele uses that feeling to describe what it is like for minorities to feel supressed, specifically in the filmmaking world. Many sources explore their frustration with the horror movies popularized up to this day, due to the decision making and demeanor of the white characters, and the release of Get Out may very well have been a turning point in how racism is viewed in the film

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