Gender Stereotypes In America

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The United States of America has transformed into this sexist and dangerous world in which the media and society portrays real women as objects and not as human beings. People see this on TV through commercials, TV shows, movies, and even games where the bodies of women are promoted like toys for the sexual pleasure of men. The 2011 documentary Miss Representation brings up this idea of how the ridiculous stereotypes of women are portrayed heavily through the outlets of media and how that has negatively affected American women. Women are the minority groups when they are compared to men. Since they are the minorities, they will be the minorities in media and in society. This is where the heavy stereotypes of these women will come into play. It seems that media and society want women to know that they only matter …show more content…

This discrimination against sex is called sexist and America itself has embodied the definition of sexism through the unrealistic idea of women on TV, the pay gap, and the fact that there are very few women involved with politics. There is no voice for women being heard in these aspects and there must be a voice for women. As being a feminist, I find that it is completely sad that America is still holding up those stereotypes and is not finding ways to develop better quality between men and women, along with establishing a greater body of support for men and women. The media needs to change its stereotypical and sexist views of women to develop equality between the two and to see women not as the sex symbol but as the one who is powerful. That is something that seems to be missing in media. Therefore, it is important to get rid of the stereotypes that are taken place upon the earth and to focus on the matter at

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