Stereotypes In The Achievement Of Desire By Richard Rodriguez

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Spread of negative stereotypes Negative stereotypes have been created by us, as a society, we have allowed ourselves to live with this misconceptions that impact all of us in a certain way. We have contributed to those beliefs that say that social status, income class and ethnicity define our identity. In fact, we have been and also have prejudged others at a certain point in our lives, we prejudge people we don’t know and also the ones we think we know like our own family members. In “The Achievement of Desire” by Richard Rodriguez he discusses his personal experience on how he stereotyped himself and also his family. For example he talks about how his teachers always pushed him to his limits to be very educated and intellectual, he even copied his …show more content…

As the author says it on his article, he realizes its too late for him to turn back in time an change the situation. However, I believe there is a way to help these people to find themselves like getting close to their family and exploring their culture and appreciate who they are and feel proud of it. For example, Rodriguez indicates “I became a conventionally dutiful son” (page ---). He notices he tradionally became “motivated” by duty rather than his own desire. What the author is saying, is that he was doing things because he was trying to be someone else and his motivation wasn’t his own goals but what others were expecting about him. Thus, I find it very reasonable to say that the best solution to eliminate this misconception, is to help these people who at a young age don’t find themselves and later on as they grow up, they copy what others do just to feel accepted around those other

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