Stereotypes In The Graveyard Book

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Throughout several parts of “The Graveyard Book”, the author signifies the differences of prejudices of the living and the dead. There were instances where people were left out of gatherings and groups. To add to, there were some who didn’t fit into the category of the majority of classifications. To allude to today’s society, many people are excluded from certain classified groups or categories, because of their own identity and what makes them, them. This relates to the topics of racism, sexism, ageism, and assimilation, and how they affect mankind in today’s world and the future generations, correlating with “The Graveyard Book.”
One example that coincides with The Graveyard Book is when Silas was being left out of the Danse Macabre, a joined dance of the living and the dead. Silas, was neither living or dead (his classification was later hinted in the book) and would have to be separated from the common known group, which is the lively and the deceased. As they danced on the streets of the town, Silas would stay behind from the famous tradition. Silas states” I know many things, Bod, …show more content…

There are people that are kept out of educational opportunities because of the color of their skin, their race, or ethnicity. There are strong motivated individuals who don’t attain the respect they are acquired to. There are women today who are struggling to receive an education and the same rights as men. There are people who are worried of the need to use the bathroom because they are afraid of get harassed or assaulted because of their sexuality. There are people dying because of the ongoing perceptions we conceive on them. We don’t, as a society, consider the fact that those misconceptions may be a misconception itself. That we are close minded and ignorant, unopened to those who may not be a common

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