Stereotypes In Wendelin Van Draan's 'Flipped'

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Eliana Ms. Rivera Language arts 7-3 4/10/23 You’ll never know if your perception of someone is true until you get to know them. Relationships are what make up humanity, however, it’s building them, which at times destroys that desire to get to know a person. Most people are able to analyze a person the second they meet, but that is not always the case. In the astounding book, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draan, the author conveys a story of two newly teenagers experiencing the bright stages of crushing, which Van Draan states as “unique.” The two teenagers, one Bryce, and one Juli flip perceptions of one another, which can become a little rocky. Although the two teens may never be the best of friends, or may never realize that existing spark …show more content…

Juli Baker went from “head over heels” for Bryce, to the complete opposite. Her feelings for Bryce Loski completely disappear when she overhears him and Garrett talking about her mentally challenged uncle, and sees him throwing away the eggs she gave him. “It was what Bryce and Garrett had said that I couldn’t get. How could they be so cruel? And so stupid?” (144) Despite how hurt Juli had felt by the pain Bryce Loski caused her, she decided to prove all the awful beliefs everyone had about her wrong. In some ways, instead of chasing after someone, Juli decided she’d start chasing after life. “He could keep his two-faced smile and… and my kiss. That’s right! I was never, ever going to talk to him again!” (144) Ludicrously, Bryce begins to develop feelings for Juli just as Juli begins to question her feelings about Bryce. Bryce develops some sort of soft spot for Juli, as a result of realizing how much of a jerk he had been to her. Talking bad about her behind her back to his friends, questioning the eggs’ sanitary due to Juli’s “unclean” yard, and overall analyzing the kind of person she is completely wrong. “Did Juli like Jon? All my life she’d been there, waiting to be avoided, and now it was like I didn’t even exist.” (176) Perhaps, Bryce Loski flipped for Juli the same way Juli had flipped for Bryce. This time, possibly flipping even harder for one. “What was she laughing about? How could she sit there and look so beautiful?” (180) Bryce Loski had been so caught up in believing everyone else’s perceptions of Juli he hadn’t even tried to get to know her himself. “But if I’ve learned one thing from Juli Baker, it’s that I’ve got to put my whole heart and soul into it and try.” (188) Towards the end of this segment of the story, Bryce comes to the conclusion that he had never truly tried to get to know Juli for the kind of

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