Stereotypes Of Mulim People In The United States

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There are many fake assumptions that people from the US assume about muslim people. People think since one person did something bad that everyone of that religion is the same. Now muslim people can have a harder time getting onto planes because they now have to deal with stereotypes caused by events like 911. Altho some muslims can fit under those assumptions, it doesn 't mean that every muslim does. Not all americans make this assumption either. Just like how some muslims think americans are rude and racist, but not all muslims think this way. People always assume that when there is a bombing, shooting, etc that it is a muslim. People put racist, rude and false things about muslims all the time. When people do this it is taken as a joke, then…show more content…
Army officer who died while serving in the Iraq War was a low point in a campaign full of hateful rhetoric.”Its rumors like this that give muslims a bad image. Would you want him to be your president if you were the victim. “The same people who brought us “terror babies,” “death panels,” the “Ground Zero Mosque,” “Islamo-fascism,” “the Axis of Evil” and other dime-a-dozen memes that turn viral overnight, are purposefully manufacturing fear of Muslims.” People that put these negative things are causing a hate crime on muslims. The more people that see these posts, the more people will be racist at muslims. The more people are racist the more issues muslims will have with bullying. How would we feel it their shoes. I wouldn 't like it. We need to start using empathy. They would definitely like switching shoes with us, because people are very rude to them. “Muslims are often mistranslating or misinterpreting. Many of the articles hosted at WikiIslam deal in addressing these falsehoods, and to list them all here would be an impossible task. Some notable instances of deception include, Jamal Badawi and Tariq Ramadan who both agree that wife-beating is permitted but claim Muhammad never resorted to
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