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In “Sticky Issue: Does the Soda Industry Skew Research on Health Effects?”, written by the Los Angeles Times, the author reveals to the public that almost all studies paid for by the beverage industry alter the results in favor of the industry. Only a very small percentage of the studies relate pop to obesity. The industry’s only concern is to make money, without any regard to how it affects the population. The author claims that scientific results can be influenced by money. If the researcher has any connection to the company it is likely the researcher made changes to his or her results that supports the company. There has been a drastic increase in obesity in the world, as well as an increase in soda consumption. More than one-third of…show more content…
The beverage industry sued San Francisco for trying to put health warnings on ads for unhealthy drinks. The industry claimed that San Francisco was restricting their First Amendment rights. The court ruled, rightly so, that San Francisco had a right to enforce the law. This is a major improvement and will hopefully contribute to decreasing obesity in America. This case proves that the beverage industry is trying to hide the connection between sugar-sweetened drinks and health issues. Although the warning label will hurt the beverage industry, it could save many lives and people should work to make the label widespread. Obesity, as well as other health issues, is a widespread problem throughout America. Beverage Industries are paying researchers to change scientific conclusions about any potential health problems that could occur from drinking beverages with sugar regularly. The majority of the population is aware that sweetened beverages have negative health effects. Nevertheless, there could be people that follow the beverage industries inaccurate findings and believe there is no connection. Therefore, the industry needs to stop covering up the truth and allow the population to choose if they want to drink sweetened
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