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The organism I will be going into detail about from the Pandora universe is known at the Stingbat. The Na 'vi name for the Stingbat would be Riti and its taxonomic name is Scorpiobattus volansii which would be commonly known as a Flying Scorpion Bat. The habitat that the Stingbat is normally found in would be a rainforest. They are small aerial predators with a highly developed navigational system and four eyes. On an anatomical level they possess wings that have purple-blue hues and have a wingspan of 1.2 meter.

Neurons and Senses
As mentioned before, the stingbat is a small aerial predator with a highly developed navigational system and four eyes. With this in mind, to fly around and hunt for insects in the dark, they use a remarkable high frequency system called echolocation. Echolocation works in a similar way to sonar. Bats make calls as they fly and listen to the returning echoes to build
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The stingbat usually feeds alone, but will swarm with other stingbats against larger prey such as a small hexapede. They are one of the few animals that can consume the nectar of the centipede, as they are unaffected by the toxins in the glands of the branches around the flower. In regards to the dentition of the Stingbat (which refers to the arrangement or condition of the teeth in a particular species or individual) are translucent fangs. A fang is a long pointed tooth which is used for biting and tearing. The Stingbat has a very similar digestive system to that as a human with the distinct difference that mechanically we as humans use our teeth whereas bats use fangs. Chemically, It has an esophagus that transports the food from its mouth to its stomach. The food is broken down there and sent into one long intestine that takes care of absorbing nutrients and making waste(1). It is then sent to the tube that goes to the anus, and the waste is

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