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Lorita, the story of a cover girl by Nabokov, narrates a strange work. The author challenges misinterpretation of sexualized images used in the novel because they have little to do with the book. The powerless 12-year-old child is kidnapped and portrayed as almost provocateur in heart-shaped sunglasses. Both Vladimir Nabokov and Vikram Seth wrote concerning the experience of migrants and refugees in connection with identity. Nakobov describes his life in foreign countries and his movements from Russia to Crimea, Germany, France, and England and then to United states of America. Vikram is an Indian whose literature works Two Lives is similar to that of Nabokov. He talks of his Indian uncle, Shanti Seth and his German aunt, Henny Seth-Cairo. He does so while expounding circumstances from his own life. This two works will be compared to give insight into exile and migration in connection to literature and identity. In Nabokov's work, he says that he checked at various facts in the aftermath of his first publication of individual chapters. He suggests that he had erred in particulars of dates and circumstance. He says that he will delete what he will be unable to work for the sake of all truth. (Nabokov xiii) Similarly Seth narrates how he visited archives, for example, Yad Vashem (Seth 237) and he then names some sources, for instance, the family chronicle is known as Seths of Biswan (62) Therefore these descriptions of a search of facts serve their aim in literature work.
Nabokov is described by Kazin as an author who uses the appearance of facts to elicit enjoyable narrative modeled even when he doesn't say so, to tell a story, create a pattern of events, to make a dramatic point and to design a fable of …show more content…

(Seth 393-394). Consequently, this persuaded Vikram’s brother to join Anti-Nazi (Seth

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