Story Of Mosess Analysis

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When Moses was born, according to “BibleGateway,” his mother tried to hide him for 3 months but was unable to keep him hidden any longer (Biblegateway n.d.). As stated in “Learn The Secrets From The Story of Moses..,” Hebrews were slaves at this time and all Hebrew children were killed because the Pharaoh didn’t want them to grow up and be able to fight him. Moses’ mother then placed him in a basket along the Nile hoping for someone to see and save him. The daughter of the Pharaoh was actually the one to find Moses. She found out who his mother was so that she could nurse him throughout the nursing stage then his mother told the Pharaoh’s daughter to raise him as her own so that he would never know that Moses was a Hebrew therefore he wouldn’t …show more content…

Moses throws his rod on the ground and it turns into a serpent, but the Pharaoh’s sorcerers could do the same exact thing so God makes Moses’ serpent eat all of the other ones. The Pharaoh sees God’s power but still doesn’t want his slaves to go so God tells the Pharaoh his 10 plagues that he will strike on Egypt if he doesn't cooperate. The first plague is where he turns all of the lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams into blood which means the people cannot drink it but the sorcerers said they could do the same thing. God then releases his second plague which consisted of him making all of the frogs come up from the rivers and to take over the land and this makes the Pharaoh let the slaves be free so God then kills all the frogs but because this caused such a scene he refuses again to free the slaves. God then releases his third plague which was that lice live throughout the land. The sorcerers could not duplicate this which proved it was an act of God but the Pharaoh still refused. God is forced to release his fourth plague of which flies will swarm around all the Egyptians and into all of their houses. The Pharaoh says that if God kills all of the flies then he will let all of the Israelites free, so God does as he says and the Pharaoh changes his

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