Streetcar Named Desire Reflection

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Streetcar Named Desire Reflection A streetcar named desire is a play with a lot of twist and turns in it and depending on who the audience is can be a thrilling thing or can be a thing that some has a strong distaste for it, for me the play was very amusing and wonderful to watch. There were things and symbols that many reject the ideas that Tennessee Williams have brought to life in his play writing. Even thinking about the movies during my life time we really didn’t see the real world until the much later years after the year 2010. When looking at his work I couldn’t help but think that I would love to see the modern edition for this play. What things what they change from the original script, what things would they pay homage to, and can they show the original meaning about why plays like this is important to have to show the truth about a lot of things going around. The things that I saw, the connections I made during the viewing, and my emotions in the end are my …show more content…

It’s a little place in the center of the action of her town. The way that everyone was walking downtown, and I bet it would have been a little colorful town if the actual movie we saw was in color. One thing I did enjoy was the contrast of what a home was supposed to look like. During that time, we always see or hear that if you wanted to raise a family it was usually in a home that belong to the parents and not the apartment that was the setting of streetcar named desire. It was a little apartment that two people can live in just fine. It didn’t need to be fancy and a lot of people couldn’t afford that life style. In movies they always show them with house which confuses me. Everyone attire was simple and clean. The guys wore their work outfits/suits which was the normal way of doing things. A lot of the settings and props in these plays were normal everyday things that you can find in a store which added a nice touch to the

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