Successes And Failures Of Reconstruction

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After four years of war between the Union and the Confederacy, the Union succeeded in winning the war. But after such a brutal war, half of the nation was in ruins. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, wanted to make the nation one again. To do this, he first thought of the Ten Percent Plan. This plan stated that once 10% of a state’s voters swore an oath pertaining to being loyal to the United States of America, they could form a new state government, and that state government would have to declare an end to slavery. Once that was completed that new state government could send members to Congress so that they could have a say in the federal government as well. Of Course, many people found this way of reuniting the North and the South to simple and wanted there to be stricter rules in order for the South to join the Union. That stricter plan was later created and names the Wade-Davis Bill. The …show more content…

One main success of the Reconstruction that still defines America today is that the North and the South did come back together to form one Nation. Although it took 4 years of fighting and still more time after that, both the Union and the Confederacy came together again to form the United States of America. Another great accomplishment that resulted form the Reconstruction was abolishing slavery. After the time of Reconstruction was complete, there were no more slaves. And lastly, another huge achievement that arose from the reconstruction was being able to give all freed slaves, freedmen, and a life of their own. Freedmen were now allowed to receive and education thanks to the help of the Freedmen’s Bureau that was created by Congress in 1865. To conclude, from the Reconstruction many achievements were produced, those including having the North and the South together as one, abolishing slavery, and giving all freedmen rights of their

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