Suffragettes: Women Deserve The Right To Vote In Britain

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In early twentieth century Europe, the right of suffrage was only given to men. The film “Suffragette” focuses on the trials a particular group of women fighting for the right to vote in Britain. This right to vote was not granted until 1928 for British women. In a male-dominated society, women wanted what should have been a basic right and were willing to do anything for it. The suffragettes, who came from all different backgrounds, were treated with various forms of disgust and violence from their surrounding neighbors. The suffrage movement also caused women involved to face stigma from the British government, common British men, and non-suffragette women. When faced with the tide of women begging for the right to vote, the British government answered with an iron fist. The entire country was run with an androcentric view, a view that places male at the center of culture. Because of this view, the male-dominated government imprisoned, beat, and shamed the suffragette. The main character of the film, Maud Watts, is imprisoned and while in prison, she goes on a hunger strike. This results in the shameful act of force-feeding. To the government, the suffragettes were just an obstacle that could be stopped with a little force. They believed women did not deserve the right to …show more content…

Stares and hushed voices greeted the suffragettes. The non-suffragettes often had the same attitudes of disdain that the common men had. Suffragettes were seen as lower than the common women. These common women perceived the suffragettes as unnecessary and rather silly to try to get the right to vote. They judged them without understanding the true necessity of the fight for the right to vote even though the right to vote would greatly benefit all women. The suffragettes worked to obtain the right to vote for all women regardless of their treatment by the non-suffragettes

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