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One of my research pieces was from BBC News which, suggested a sugar tax across all food and drink, which I feel is a step in the right direction. I’ve used emotive language such as, “Let’s do it as a whole” and, metaphors suggesting something impossible can happen such as, “After all it isn’t the government catapulting that third piece of pizza down our throats is it” also “sugar coating” A lot of my research was sourced online through websites such as, www.dailytelegraph.com and economical websites. I was looking for both sides to this argument, however, the more I read, the less I was convinced of many if any positive outcomes to the sugar tax increment. Nevertheless, I do appreciate that the government is trying to come up with solutions …show more content…

My aim was to be humorous yet sarcastic, and always keeping to the idea that “sugar tax won’t work” on its own. There are so many other avenues to explore to completely eradicate this epidemic of obesity.
BBC News was the most effective resource for this, although I didn’t agree with all their findings. While searching for other resources, such as www.economicshelp.com I did find myself reading a lot of contradictions, a lot of what they had stated in previous reports by the BBC claiming to be fact, in actuality turned out to be nothing more than opinion with big words and razzle dazzle. It was a little confusing at times when sifting through articles and websites to find the most accurate statistics. I chose to disregard some of my resources into my paper, for instance, Jamie Oliver’s interview with the Sun Newspaper published on the 24th of October 2015, I found to be obnoxious and slightly single-minded, and this was backed up by www.spiked.online.com on the 4th of September 2015. That being said, Mr Oliver has accomplished wonders with our children’s school meals.
The NHS website helped with accurate statistics based on actual records which, I found interested and disturbing at the same

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