Sula And Nel Friendship Analysis

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Sula’s and Nel’s friendship is invaluable because they two meet at the time when they need each other the most and this is an important aspect of Sula’s and Nel’s friendship, they are together because they want to, not because they have to; it is also this aspect of Sula and Nel’s relationship which is different from their relationships with their mothers. Sula and Nel meet at the time in their life when they both start to realize that their position in the society is disadvantaged “because each had discovered years before that they were neither white nor male, and that all freedom and triumph was forbidden to them, they had set about creating something else to be”(52). The two girls make friends because they have a lot in common and grew up in the same neighborhood and community; they understand each other’s problems and needs. Some of the undeserved punishments Sula and Nel are facing together, for example, the attacks from a group of Irish boys who are harassing African American school children in Medallion. These attacks make the girls aware of their uneasy position in the society but Sula and Nel need to learn how to protect themselves on their own. Sula and Nel are scared of the Irish boys and try to avoid them on their way from school until one day when Sula and Nel decide to take the shorter route home although they are aware of the fact that they might meet the harassing boys, which they eventually do. Sula takes the lead in this scene and protects herself and

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