Summary: Football Quarterbacks

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During an off-season where many star football players were long overdue for a contract extension, it isn 't too absurd to claim that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was the most deserving. In pursuit to keep their dynasty flourishing, Seattle took their time with the whole process and it worked out quite well in their favor. Wilson, and the Seahawks have officially agreed to a four-year, $87.5 million contract extension. There will be a plethora of chatter around the league debating who came out on the better end of the deal. In reality, both came out of the agreement satisfied. The Seahawks get to keep their franchise quarterback for a while, and Wilson will receive a huge signing bonus of $31 million and approximately $60 million…show more content…
Nonetheless, Wilson still remains a top five quarterback in my book. First of all, he is the ONLY quarterback in history to appear in two Super Bowls in his first three seasons. Instead of giving Wilson any credit, the inference is made that the Hawks ' defense is the reason for both the team 's and Wilson 's success. Well let 's keep in mind what all Wilson has actually accomplished early on in his thus far successful career. Wilson is indeed the first quarterback in NFL history with a passer rating of over 95.0 in all of his first three seasons. He also leads all quarterbacks in the NFL over the last three seasons with 10 4th quarterback comebacks, and 15 game-winning drives. No other quarterback in history has done that in their first three years. Wilson has been nothing short of phenomenal. This isn 't an argument proclaiming he is the best quarterback in football by any means -- that 's Aaron Rodgers. But in terms of efficiency, wins, and talent Wilson has to be in the discussion as one of the best. With talent on the the defense side of the ball depleting for the Seahawks, maybe he 'll be exposed soon, but that is doubtful. This man is very talented and I believe he would perform the way he does on many other teams
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