Summary Of A Troublesome Property Master Slave Relations In Florida

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Rivers, Larry E. "A Troublesome Property: Master-Slave Relations in Florida, 1821-1865.” A Troublesome Property: Master-Slave Relations in Florida, 1821-1865 by Larry Rivers encompasses the relationship between bondsmen and masters in Florida. The violent institution of slavery has existed since the beginning of man. During the years between the American Revolution and the Civil War it was pushed to its full extent. This was especially present in Florida, where slave owners relocated with high expectations after the territory was acquired from the Spanish. Throughout history the valiant efforts of blacks in Florida have been overlooked, such as the Seminole Wars and the Civil War. Blacks in Florida have …show more content…

Many slave owners were against the belief of religious expression because they believed it was the source of disciplinary problems that would lead to fights, low efficiency, and insubordination. Slave owners such as Zephaniah Kingsley and Judge Wilkerson believed that religion would threaten slave control and as a result slaves would become more difficult to handle. Kingsley and Wilkerson assigned white ministers to preach to the slaves and the ministers suggested the beliefs that the slave owners were “Gods” and the slaves were obligated to respect and serve them. Blacks were not satisfied with their owner’s and many held secret meetings when they believed their owner or overseer weren’t looking. Those who were caught suffered consequences of physical abuse or murder. These meetings often included freedom hymns, religious sermons by slaved and ex-slaved men, and many other forms of worship. Some slave owners were content on allowing slaves to marry and be with their families because they

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