Summary Of Becoming A Poet By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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The language is powerful to every aspect and interaction in the life. Language can shape thoughts and emotion and can determine the one`s perception of reality. It is a vital tool to anyone in any different ages. In “Becoming a Poet” which is written by Jimmy Santiago Baca, who wrote about how through the language he was free but the fact, he was in prison. Jimmy Santiago Baca is a young man who has a hardship all his life. His story started when he was working in a hospital cleaning in the emergency room. From that time, his story begins from working there to be a prisoner and end up with being one of the novelist and poet writes. He was arrested on suspicion of murder and blamed for that crime and had trouble with low to defend himself. Lacking of language is always leading to the lack of communication. One of the reasons that Baca was arrested in this crime, is his lacking of writing and reading. He could not speak and understand the injustice he felt. In “ Becoming a poet “ Baca describes how he went from being illiterate and have the resistance learning how to write and read. The fact that Baca “ Ashamed of not understanding and fearful of asking questions”(387), …show more content…

He discovered himself by writing poetry and used it to heal his wounded memory. When he started to write poetry, he was able to suppress his aggression and learned how to affect his mind, stimulating the urge and obsession to read more. He explains how that made his dream of becoming a poet and took him from the dark. Writing gave him sense of freedom, because he felt for the first time that he can express his pain and protest injustice. Through language and expression, he found the freedom, from his view of life "Writing bridged his divided life of prisoner and free man.”…"Writing was the water tat cleansed his wound and fed the parched root of his

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