Summary Of Blood Done Sign My Name, By Timothy B. Tyson

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To many, the 1970’s was a time of large hair and an infatuation of disco music, but underneath all the bold, vibrant colors were a variety of social and political movements with the same objective, equality. Blood Done Signed My Name: A True Story by Timothy B. Tyson is mostly set in that time. In his memoir, he tells a story about a young man, Henry Marrow, getting brutally beaten and murdered and the after effect (Tyson). Tyson interviews many people from his past on the Marrow incident and shares with the reader their understanding of the situation in addition to his own. As well as the incident, he asks about their view on how the town and its people work and interact with each other, especially during the Civil Rights Movements (Tyson). At the time of Marrow’s death, Tyson was a young boy new to Granville County. He was, and would always be, considered an outsider to the citizens of Oxford (Tyson). His father was a pastor who, like his wife, did not have the same views as many of the residents. He believed that God loved everyone, even the African Americas, and there was no need for them to be separated from everyone else. …show more content…

It speaks with graphic detail and contains explicit language. Because of this, this memoir is most recommended for high schoolers and older. Some of the language is culturally insensitive, but it is important to remember that in the years it discussed, it was common language, so anyone that would be offended should not read this book. Overall, the memoir not only tells an important story about the past, but it shines a light on issues America has faced and continues to face in modern society. For anyone who is interested in history, this is a book that is highly recommended. It provides insight into a very important period in American history. For those who do not like history or this period of history, this memoir will be dull and the reader will most likely dread reading it and give

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