Summary Of Chapter 5 And 6 Jurgis And The Others Moved Into Their Home

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Chapter 5 & 6: Jurgis and the others moved into their home. He seems to like his job so far and actually enjoys his task. Jurgis finds out many of the works their hate their job, which opens Jurgis’s eyes of how corrupt the company is. People often sell jobs for part of their wage. I found this to be strange why would people be doing this? Furthermore Grandmother Majauskieze is a smart lady from what I have learned. She has been living in the area of the packing town for a long time now. Majauskieze explains to the family about the conditions of the house they are staying at and gives background information to them. The house they are staying at is a cheap house, which was built with inexpensive material. She explains that there has been many families moving into the house Jurgis is staying at due to deaths or illnesses. I came to realize by reading more of the chapter if they missed one payment they would be kicked out. It just …show more content…

Teta who is the stepmother of Ona unfortunately her child dies from consuming meat. Marija decides to help her out with money for a funeral. Spring comes by and Jurgis is still looking for a job, which is sad because they are in need of some money. He finally finds a spot in a fertilizer mill but it is very dangerous with the chemicals. Teta finds a job in the summer in a sausage factory; she is quickly worn out with the work she has to do all day. In chapter 14 the family by now knows the secrets of the meat packing industry. They cant speak out because they are afraid to lose their job. Jurgis starts to drink heavily now but it isn’t going to help. Jurgis’s son is going through some tough times just turning one year he is already suffering illnesses. Moving through the chapter I find out Ona is pregnant again; which is strange because they just had one about a year ago. I feel like they should’ve waited until they were stable to bring more children into the

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