Work And Stress In The Workplace

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Work related stress is a major health concern in the current state of the economy, where employees increasingly face situation of overwork, job insecurity, low levels of job satisfaction, and lack of autonomy. Although some workplace stress are normal, excessive stress can interfere with the employees’ attitude and behaviour. As a result, it gives a negative impact on the workplace productivity and profits, as well as having detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of employees. According to Dr. Rosch (2001), the American Institute of Stress, job stress is estimated to cost U.S. industry more than $300 billion per year due to absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, and medical, legal and insurance costs. Therefore, there are several…show more content…
Therefore, it is evident that the issue of workplace stress is on the rise. As mentioned earlier, that the recommendation and solution to overcome workplace stress is by reaching out. The positive outcomes of reaching out would be the fact that we can release tension. This is because sometime the best way to beat stress is by simply sharing what’s causing the stress with someone we trust. By doing so, we will be able to sort through our thoughts and clarify what we’re stressing about - if it’s worth getting worked up and upset about it. Besides that, by talking it out and getting support and sympathy—especially through face-to-face conversations—can be highly-effective for getting rid of steam and also recapturing sense of calm. This is because sometimes when we tend to worry about a problem without talking to someone about it, it might seem as if the problem starts getting bigger and worse than they originally are. While all our stuff is internal, it's hard to see how it really works. Once we've shared it and said it out loud, it gets easier to get hold of. Therefore, start talking about what’s making you stressed at work as it is proven to downsize the problem. Next, the positive outcome of exercising as one of the recommended ways of reducing workplace stress is that exercising helps bump up the production of our brain’s feel good neurotransmitters, known as endorphins. When endorphins are released, it helps in the way that it lifts our mood, increases self-confidence and it also can lower symptoms leading to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Prior to that, it is also important to eat healthy as certain food known as ‘superfood’ powerhouses large doses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are proven to be beneficial for health and well-being. Last but not least,

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