Summary Of Claire Of The Sea Light By Edwidge Danticat

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Growing up life is made bearable and livable through the interaction of one human being to another, whether it is a present thought or not, there is a bond that links every one of us. Although there is a mysterious bond that links all of us, there are uncovered truths, lies and dishonesty present and they are acknowledged in “Claire of the Sea Light.” Secrets and lies never stay buried, no matter the size, importance, and reasons behind them. Lies and secrets do float to the surface at some point in time and hurt no matter how careful you are. In the story “Claire of the Sea Light” by Edwidge Danticat, the author explores how a societal bond leads to problems through the emphasis of secrets, lies and the uncovered truths. Danticat’s work in “Claire of the Sea Light” brings up details of intertwined lives of those in a small town where a little seven-year-old, Claire Limye Lanme, “Claire of the Sea Light” lived. At the beginning of the fiction story, there is a rumbling sound, the sound of a wave crashing into Caleb’s barrel that killed him, a friend of Nozias. In this same chapter, it is told Claire’s mother had died after giving birth to a wonderful child named after the ocean. Claire Limye Lanme’s birthday was known to be a day of death and birth. “Claire of the sea light” had won the battle between her mother and …show more content…

Like others in the story of “Claire of the Sea light” Max Junior has been dealing with an internal and family feud. Max was a friend to Bernard when he younger, they had an intimate relationship and encouraged Bernard to pursuit his dreams in writing for the radio show. Before Max was sent to Miami by his father he committed a crime that never aroused from the service until he came back to Ville Rose. Max Junior raped his house maid, Flore, and impregnated her. To get back at Max for raping her Flore gets vengeance by exposing his crime on the radio

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