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Max Reede, a kind and well behaved young boy, lived with his mother Audrey Reede. Fletcher Reede, Max’s father, had been divorced from Audrey for quite some time. He was a lawyer and built his way to a successful career by lying. Once Fletcher became successful, work had become his first priority and lying became a continuous habit of his. This led Fletcher to make several promises to his son that he could never keep. He would forget to pick Max up from school, promise to play baseball with him, and even missed his birthday party. To make himself appear better, he would blame his absence on work instead of what he was actually doing. Meanwhile, Audrey’s new boyfriend proposed the idea of moving to Boston with him. Audrey was hesitant about moving Max away from his father as he would not be able to visit him often. …show more content…

On the night of his birthday party, at 8:15, Max wished that his father could not tell a lie for one whole day. His wish did come true and Fletcher could not lie to anyone all day long. This was bad timing for Fletcher because it was in the middle of a case at work that he was likely to win due to his success in lying. Although, due to his truthful state, Fletcher realized how lousy of a father he had been to Max. He had taken advantage of how close Max lived from him, which was about to change if he did not make an effort to keep his promises. Audrey and Fletcher made a plan to meet and discuss the possibility of them moving to Boston, but Fletcher once again did not keep his word. When Fletcher shows up late, Audrey and Max already made the decision to leave for

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