The Book Thief Selfish Quotes

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Within the pages of The Book Thief, there lives a jewish boy. A bloody knuckled, hard faced, fist fighting, jewish boy named Max Vandenburg. Because of the wrath of Adolf Hitler, Max had to go into hiding with his friend, Walter Kulgur. Unfortunately, Max had to find a new place to hide, due to increased danger in his current whereabouts. No doubt, Max experienced a wide and vast range of emotions, one of which is guilt. Max has a very guilty conscience. Max’s conscience is so foggy because he is asking a lovely family, the Huberman's, to hide him; If he is found, they will be killed alongside him. Max thinks on page 169 “How could he do this? How could he show up and ask people to risk their lives for him? How could he be so selfish?” In this
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