Summary Of Class In America By Gregory Mantsios

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All Americans don’t have an equal opportunity to succeed; inheritance laws provide built in privileges to the offspring of the wealthy, which just adds to the likelihood of their success (Colombo 392). In Gregory Mantsios article “Class in America,” he states that the social class you are in affects how you will succeed in school, relating to test scores and the level of schooling that you receive; thus determining how the rest of your life will turn out. He highlights many other beliefs that are broadly held about social classes and rebuts them using statistical evidence. Mantsios believes that the class a person resides in will determine their future more than he or she is willing to admit. Mantsios communicates that social class is prevalent in America, however I believe that it doesn’t determine a person’s fate. …show more content…

Mantsios states that Americans don’t like to talk about different social classes for one of two reasons: class distinctions are irrelevant or they are uncertain that the reality of class difference makes an impact on their life. It has become culturally unacceptable to place people in different social classes for it causes too much diversity (Colombo 370).
Consequently, Gregory Mantsios is well qualified to write this article. For over 30 years he worked in higher education; mainly he established college degree programs for nontraditional students (“Gregory Mantsios”). Addition to being so well qualified, he also cited many reliable sources throughout his article. Mantsios is targeting the upper class in this article. He directly talks about how successful they’re likely to become, without mentioning how successful the lower class could be

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