Examples Of Naturalism In The Great Gatsby

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One could only face the reality they are stuck with rather than chase for what they want to succeed. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, the author gives certain descriptions of various people who live in specific areas that relate to realism throughout his writing. The novel makes a naturalism argument about not being able to attain certain goals no matter how hard they work, claiming that it is impossible to achieve the fullest possibilities because of the current state one might be born or stuck with. To begin with, the author inputs various locations geographically to identify citizens with certain descriptions who live and thrive around those areas. One example would be East Egg where affluent people settle because they have already obtained or been given the wealth. …show more content…

In reality, people find success depending on how hard they work for it. Whatever social class there is, there are similar dreams people wish to attain through the nicks of time. The American Dream was something everyone craved and still proceeds today since it was something considered as the glory path. But if one would compare this to naturalism, there wouldn’t be any point of reaching for the highest goals if one was born in a lower class. This idea mainly states that one should stick to their lane they were born with and live as the same way they were raised. The American Dream really impacted the civilian life as many changed their roles and hoped for reaching success. This eventually lead to many outcomes of today’s Americans who thrive the cities of the land of the free. In today’s society there are still levels of class in any country. Because of the high population, there might be no chance to whenever one could succeed in achieving their dreams unless they were born in that social

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