The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations Summary

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In David S. Landes book, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, he decides to take a historical approach on the reasons behind why some people remain poor and how others are so rich by trying to comprehend the reasons that lead to advances in economies and modernization in certain regions around the world over the past few decades. In other words by asking how we have come to where we are today in the sense of making, getting and spending. Throughout the book, Landes talks about how we live in a world filled with inequality and diversity therefore leading to classifying those who are poor and unable to afford medical health care living in the North and the wealthy in the South. David S. Landes aim was to basically make people aware of how it is actually geography that is responsible for this division between countries that have caused a lot of hardship for the unprivileged people by making it impossible for them to improve economically as a result of their geographical location on the map. …show more content…

These are often styled north and south because the division is geographic. Here is the greatest single problem and danger facing the world of the third millennium.” In this book review, I plan to talk about why it is geography is having an impact on poor people’s lives more than the rich such as how those living in disaster-vulnerable areas do not get as much help or improvements as a develop country would if struck by a catastrophe. Also, I will be talking about how big the gap between the rich and poor is and whether its growing or not according to the author who looks at this problem historically since the best and easiest way to understand this problem would be by asking why and how did we get to where we are

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