Summary Of David Walker's Appeal

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The title of the document being analyzed is David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World. This document was written as a book but, for the purpose of this lesson, condensed and placed only portions of two of the four original articles written in 1829. Around the time that this Appeal was written, numerous events paved an altered future for the citizens of the United States. In 1827, race riots erupted throughout Cincinnati, Ohio, resulting in over a thousand African Americans to flee to Canada. This relates to the document because the Appeal is directed towards blacks in the U.S to revolt against the whites holding them in enslavement. Many African Americans’ within the states were refusing to stand up for themselves due to fear, causing the abolishment movement to become delayed. …show more content…

By having a published p[aper emitting through-out New York, African Americans’ in many states began to realize that doing anything would make a difference in the Revolution. This newspaper was one of the fundamental blocks building up to the Appeal written by David Walker in 1829. However, due to these efforts in creating a revolt, whites within America began to throw violent efforts in an attempt to stop the end of slavery. In 1829, white mobs lead an attack on African American homes’ and businesses’ in Cincinnati, Ohio. This event relates to this document because it outlines the fear that white supremacists held for the end of the enslavement and discrimination of blacks. These mob attacks were an attempt of creating fear in the hearts of African Americans’ within the U.S.
 Walker’s purpose for writing the Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World, was to spark black unity within the states and to encourage them to fight against black maltreatment and prejudice. He wanted to address the issue of slavery and how unjust it was within the likes of religion; another position

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