Summary Of Homeless Mick Dick Was 51 Looked 66 By David Fagan

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Have you imagined yourself being a homeless in a rich country or a city? Well, most of the answers will be no, because we do not wish to live in a miserable life that we see and know about homeless people. A newspaper reporter by Kevin Fagan in his article, “Homeless, Mick Dick was 51, Looked 66.” This article was taken from Cengage Learning Online digital database. In this piece, Fagan examined the main figure which was a homeless man named Mike Dick. Fagan and his partner interviewed and documented his story from his early background struggles with addiction and abuse. Mike had been a homeless on the streets of San Francisco since the 1980s and the fatigues made his physical appearance looks bad. This is why many social researchers call this to be “street 66”…show more content…
The author wrote that Mike was really a symbol of problem social issue in America that has to be addressed. The median age for homeless people on the streets continue to rise and the current age in San Francisco is 50 years old. Fagan highlighted how behind image of these homeless populations is rich personalities and compassionate souls. Reflecting on how Mike loved Tom Clancy novels and Eric Clapton tunes, Fagan attempts to reveal that many of these homeless demographics were people, but generally, they came from abusive and drug-using. Also, what many people see on the street is just an end result of how America deals, or in this case, does not deal with the social issue. Fagan’s ends with urging his readers and policymakers to find solutions to “saving these older folks” because it is a problem that is not getting any better. Personally, I feel that the author did a good job and fair enough at supporting his thesis. A lot of his descriptions are focused on emotionally intrigued his readers with how grimy homeless life is and how it wrecks a person's appearance from the inside and
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