Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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We Owe Our Diplomas to Google
Have our brains become robots due to Google? From my own experience, when I need an answer to anything Google is my first place to go. In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr discusses, I agree with the points in his article. The ways people read and write today are affected by the Internet, as well as, the way people think, learn and absorb information. Although the Internet has many benefits, it has negatively impacted our society in the way we spell, the way we read, our physical fitness, and our critical thinking skills.
People no longer have to think about how to spell a word. The auto-correct features in the technology we use automatically fix any errors made. In Carr’s article, he states …show more content…

Previous generations used encyclopedias or went to the library to gather information for schoolwork or any reports that needed written. Carr states “the faster we surf across the Web – the more links we click and pages we view – the more opportunities google and other companies gain to collect information about us and feed us advertisements” (Carr 325). Therefore, google is getting us to buy into its advertisements and spend money on products that we do not need. Carr also states, “it almost seems that they go online to avoid reading in the traditional sense” (Carr 317). With there being so many distractions on the Internet, people are not able to absorb the information they are reading. People are not reading they are skimming through the Internet. Although people are reading more today on the Internet, it is not a deep reading as if they were to read a book. Another negative effect the Internet has had on our society is by increasing …show more content…

With the unlimited Internet service, Netflix, and video games, kids no longer want to play outside to get the exercise they need. This lack of exercise is not only causing obesity, but also causing a deficiency in vitamin D, as well as lack of face – to – face socialization.
This generation is lazy in a way that they do not have to use their brains for problem solving. In my own experience. I am discouraged by the fact that my children do not have to actually think and figure things out on their own. They are able to type anything into google, and an answer appears within seconds.
People can google anything from the symptoms of a common cold to answers to homework problems, however, finding the answers on google does not make someone smart. In fact, people rely so much on Google today that they have stopped thinking for themselves and rely on Google to do the thinking for them. The main reasons Google is affecting people are, they are relying on Google to provide all the answers to any questions for them. People are not thinking for themselves, and spending more time on the internet, then getting the physical exercise they need. People should use their brains to the fullest, as they may be surprised with the knowledge they already have and the ability to solve problems.

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