Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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In “Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brain,” by Nicholas Carr, Carr discusses that people who use the web appear to struggle and have to challenge themselves twice as much to stay focused on long pieces of writing. In the reading, Carr says that he has a major problem being focused on a long text. He realized how the internet had detrimental effects on our brains and conflicted with our reading concentration. He mentions that reading a full text is almost impossible because our concentration drifts away. People are getting used to reading online and now expect to have everything introduced as a short analysis. In the excerpt essay, according to Nicholas Carr, using the internet for reading and researching may affect …show more content…

When people want to do a research or complete reading a book it is impossible for them to accomplish that goal because their mind is focus on many things. Among other things, In another study scholars from the University College London did an experiment to see how things work on the internet and how it affects us. They examined computer logs to see how people would use the internet and record the behavior of visitors. People that access journals, articles, e-books, and any other written source were being tracked down to see how they managed their time using it (Carr 595). It turned out that people were skimming or bouncing around different pages (Carr 595). To illustrate, when I use my laptop to do online work I am always tempted to open a new tab and search for something new. When I have to do work for any of my class, I do not like seeing one-tab open, so I need to open new ones and search random things. The first tab is my homework, the second tab is Youtube, and a third tab would be Twitter. I like having all the tabs I use open so I can hop around different tabs and read or listen to multiple things at the same time. I’m not able to focus on one thing because I do different type of work at once like he mentioned people go “online and try to avoid reading the traditional way” (Carr

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