Summary Of Isla's Cognitive Development

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Based on the Standards for the Development Profiles, Isla appears to be right on tract for the development of communication and language for a twelve-month-old infant. Isla knows when she is being interacted with and responds with movement, eye contact, and gestures. Isla knows her name and responds by looking in the direction of the adult who called her name. Isla also reacts to the words ‘no’ or ‘stop’. While observing, Isla was walking with assistance from the furniture, and Isla became to close to a shape corner of a table. The observers got nervous and told her no, Isla responded by eye contact and move on with a different task. In addition, Isla makes waving gestures when saying hello and goodbye. While observing Isla, observers noticed that she babbles a lot and smiles at Hayley due to her being a familiar adult. Isla appears to be developing communication skills and hitting the norms of a twelve-month-old infant. …show more content…

Isla is able to put a square shape into a square shaped hole, and is able to put a circle shape in a circle shaped hole. Isla also likes to investigate objects she sees adults using. For example, she wanted to see the observers phone, and she wanted to play with the pencil the observer was using to take notes. Isla falls short on her ability to expect certain reactions. Isla does not expect adults to tell her no, or to pick up objects she drops. From observing Isla, the observers have concluded that she may need a bit more time to develop more cognitive skills, but for now she hits a fair amount of the

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