Summary Of Last Chance In Texas

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“Last Chance in Texas” was written by an investigative journalist John Hubner. Hubner devoted several months to an in-depth study of the Capital Offenders Program at Giddings State School. The Giddings State School in Texas supposed to house “the worst of the worst” juvenile delinquents. While conducting his research, he observed the process of three sets of nine students getting treated. These students all were placed in a group called Capital Offenders Group (COG). During his study, he maintained scientific objectivity in his observations, interpretations and recording as he witnessed the students tell the horrors of their childhoods and the horrendous acts that brought the students to the Giddings juvenile facility. The treatment they were going through was called “psychodrama” or …show more content…

He gave a thorough background of the purposes of the existence of Giddings State School and Capital Offender Program in his introduction. Huber also devotes one half of the book to “Part One: Boys.” In this part of the book, Hubner goes into detail about how the treatment staff were able to identify those students who are psychopaths and unaffected by the treatments in COG. When a youth is found to be psychopathic, he is sent to adult prison recommended by the staff. They are normally sent to the Clemens unit near the town of Brazoria. When a youth responds well to counseling, completes the COG program, and understand the criminal acts they have committed the staff positively recommend parole. The other part of the book is devoted to “Part Two: The Girls.” The girls within the Capital Offenders Group is a little more difficult to understand than the boys. The reason for this is because girls have strong emotions. The resocializations of girls demands a more complex treatment and intervention than

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