Summary Of Lee Klein's Revulsion

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In the book Revulsion by Lee Klein mentions how he finds Latin American folk music undesirable because somehow he hates it. Vega seems to be a person who dislikes a lot of thing including where he comes from. It says a lot about him because he does not just dislikes being from El Salvador but he is ashamed of being from that country. “The worst thing that could ever happen to me would be to come from Montreal to San Salvador to hear the detestable music interpreted guys disguising themselves as Latin Americans, which is what I said to Tolin...”(Klein). He constantly repeats so many negative things from El Salvador and also with mentioning the word disguising. What he feels about the Latin American music and how he just finds it dishonest some how again having a connection with the ideal of corruption. But yet his actions are way different to what he says about people who are corrupters, which are the people with power.
Furthermore, then he talks about his brother’s house and how he hates being there related to a “wasteland”. Also how he would prefer not being there but in other words he can not stand being another day living with his brother in El Salvador. “They belive in ideals, but their ignorance and mediocrity are such that they believe they are ideals artist.. But they are vulgar, mediocre simulators, …show more content…

“Art in the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, which is why I can assure you that this country is nothing, at least artistically, no knows anything about it, it interest no one, no born here matters in the world of art because the world of art is not the world of politics or crime,said Vega”. The importance of what actualy matter which it is the crimes and unfairness in his country. Although he mentions that El Salvador does not mean anything, he does have a point about focusing main issues that happen in El Salvador like the crimes and political

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