Summary Of Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor

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Fighting for survival, killing taliban soldiers, and trusting a random stranger to keep you alive, Marcus Luttrell explains his life as an elite navy seal in his riveting novel, Lone Survivor. Luttrell’s autobiography explains his horrifying, yet captivating mission to the Afghanistan mountains, which goes bad really fast. Luttrell explains some of the elite training to become one of the best, and some of decisions him and his team made that changed their lives.
Luttrell uses a series of graphic images to explain his murderous situation. Luttrell explains how the people of Afghanistan are getting tired of seeing American soldiers,”There was a kind of sullen look to them, as if they were sick to death of having American military around them.In fact, there were districts in Manama known as black flag areas, where tradesman, shopkeepers, and private citizens hung black flags outside their properties to signify American are not welcome.”(10) It is shocking to see the amount of hate that a country can have for another
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He elaborates on the skills of the elite team of skills that he is a part of “Big, fast, highly trained guys, armed to the teeth, expert in unarmed combat, so stealthy no one ever hears us coming. SEALs are masters of strategy, professional marksmen with rifles, artists with machine guns, and, if necessary, pretty handy with knives.” (10) That is a way of saying that navy SEALs don’t have a very big list of things they can’t do. He also comes out and says the team, and platoon number he is apart of, “My name is Marcus. Marcus Luttrell. I am a United States Navy SEAL, Team Leader, SDV Team 1, ALpha Platoon. Like every other SEAL, I’m trained in weapons, demolition, and unarmed combat. I’m a sniper, and I’m the platoon medic.”(7) Marcus is a Team Leader. He has gone through enough training, blood, sweat, and tears to get that title. Marcus has great credentials, but he
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